Hormonal Imbalance turns a Boy into a pretty Girl !!

It is true that I have been pretty isolated, lately. Ever since I graduated from high school I have seen little reason to go outside. I have always been a nerdy outcast with very few friends, but that is not entirely the reason for my shyness. I am something of a genetic freak. Yeah, that might sound like the typical sort of self- indulgent moaning that may come from a teen, but that is what I am. Some kind of hormonal imbalance has fucked my life right up. I should be getting manlier with every day, but instead I am getting softer and smaller. I’ve grown tits big enough for me to start wearing a bra, for fuck’s sake. But of course, I’m not allowed to feel sorry for myself.

“I do not care if you are embarrassed by this , “Aida, my step-mother said. “It is high time you stay quiet and just let me help you with this.” “I am letting you help me,” moaned. “But you can’t seriously expect me to smile as you’re fitting me for my first bra?” “Either you embrace the changes, or you don’t,” Aida said calmly. “But I won’t let you spend another year sulking in your room.” Yeah, yeah. I relented. “I believe that God has a plan for everyone,” Aida said. She’s always been a religious sort, with a tinge of new-age spiritualism. “And He hasn’t abandoned you, Morgan.” Are you telling me God wanted me to become a girl?” I asked. “Y’know… always wanted a daughter,” she said with a smile. “I think that is what God wanted. To answer my prayers before it was too late.” “Ah, good for you then, “I moaned. “Glad that someone got the most out of this.”

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