“Toshi! What is this? Why are you dressed in such a way?”
“Father?! I did not expect you home so soon, I thought your business trip was going to take you the whole week?”
“I was able to conclude business early, now explain yourself my son.”
“Well father it is like this… Someone has taken my girlfriend captive, they said they will release her if I come to their nightclub dressed in such a manner.”
“Enough of this foolishness, we will call the police.”
“No! Umm no police, they said they have a man watching the house, if I do not leave to meet them or if any police come, they will take her away and we will never see her again. Please father, I know it is an indignity to do this, but I must do it for her.”

“You make me proud son, go and do what you must do.”
Once he was out the door and climbed carefully into his Mazda, Toshi took his wireless phone from his new purse. “Mistress this is Kyoko; I am on my way. I am sorry I am late Mistress I… yes Mistress. A spanking? yes Mistress, but does it have to be there in the club? No Mistress I am not questioning you. Yes Mistress.”
Meanwhile inside the house Toshi’s father prepared himself and then made a phone call of his own. “Hello Madam Yama, how is your visit with your sister? Yes, Madam I am wearing the white bra. panties and garter belt as you instructed. Yes, Madam it will be done.” He hung up the phone and proceeded as he was instructed. He turned off all the lights in the bedroom and handcuffed himself to the bed to wait for his wife’s return in 1 hour.”


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