The Great Shift had occurred 3 months ago, but the changes didn’t stop after 97% of the world’s population switched bodies. The perfect example was Kevin. Among his friends, the former 22-year-old man won the”stunner jackpot” from the Great Shift. First Kevin was, of course, shocked, but despite the fact that he wasn’t the only man who was now in the body of a woman he was pissed that he got hit by the most ironic fate -the former ladies man was now in the body of a stripper. During the first days after the shift, he told his friends a thousand times that he’ll never do anything with a guy and that he’d force himself to get dates with women. Just one week later his friends noticed he wanted to be called “Cindy”, saying that it’s more appropriate. Then just two days later he asks his former friend Niels who ended up in the body of a 40-year-old female sales clerk, what she thought of her new heels. “I just need them because I like it “giggle” I’m so small now, I just have to wear them. All of Cindy’s friends recognized the changes as she slowly adopted the behavior of the real Cindy while Kevin vanished more and more. The talk changed more towards girly topics and with her decreasing intellect, she wasn’t able to keep up with most deep conversations. She got back to being a stripper and even offered “special” services to guys who paid more.


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