Blake sat shocked as he slowly touched his long, fluttering eyelashes. He had been working this job for almost a week now and he still couldn’t believe that it was real. He regretted ever signing up for that class in the first place! Of course, it was his own fault. He had signed up for ”How to be a Blonde Girl” for the reason that so many other boys did -to ogle and stare at the wonderfully proportioned blondes in the class. He knew that he had a job all secured with his engineering degree, just as soon as he completed this class. However, when he discovered that the vast majority of these beauties were men, Blake was a little thrown off- he began berating the ”fairies” in the class who chose to ”drag themselves up” as opposed to resisting the changes the Professor was trying to implement. Professor Blonde took notice and set up a plan…

Every once and a while Professor Blonde would bring in guest speakers. This week, a representative from the local drag club had shown up to offer students the opportunity to intern at the drag club and learn about exotic styles of makeup and hairstyling, with the possibility of becoming a full-time member of the club if their skills were satisfactory. Most of the other girls weren’t interested, having already secured jobs as waitresses, strippers, or other similar positions, so Professor Blonde called Blake up to the stage.

Blake! I bet you’d love the opportunity to do this, considering you don’t have a job! Come on up here!” Blake walked up, embarrassed, trying to whisper to Professor Blonde, “I have a job all lined up! I just need to pass this class!” Professor Blonde just smiled a happy smile back and said, “But you need to know how to look all pretty to pass this class, and frankly you’ve shown no expertise in makeup or hair styling – this could really help you!” Blake sighed, seeing no choice but to become a showgirl for a week, and signed the contract. That was over a week ago, and so much has changed! Blake learned how to expertly apply makeup, style and wear wigs, and mince around a stage to perform like an over-the-top diva that he despised being. But each time he dragged himself up to practice on stage, he felt like he was losing himself. Each time he applied the exotic plum ad white eyeshadow below his thinly arched eyebrows, it was like he was disappearing before his very eyes. When he outlined his eyes and curled the lashes to epic proportions, making his baby blues pop, he swore it was a different person. Finally, after coating his lips with layer after layer of the shiniest, pinkest lip gloss imaginable and donned that excessively feminine platinum blonde wavy wig that cascaded over both shoulders so girlishly, there was no trace of the old “Blake” anymore, just “Blondie”, the newest and sexiest drag queen at the club. But it wasn’t just physically that Blondie was taking over. The contract that Blake signed required that he pay off debts for teaching/acquiring the mandatory makeup, wigs, clothes, and accessories to perform as an intern, meaning that Blondie would be doing routines at the drag club for the rest of her life.

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