“I’m telling the truth, that’s what she did!”

“So, you’re telling me that you used to be a guy and you went home with a woman who proceeded to hold you hostage and feminize you?”

“That’s what happened!”

24 hours ago, Andy had indeed gone home with a woman after a heavy night drinking at a bar he frequented. He had never seen the woman at the bar before and he went out of his way to make sure he went home with her. She was very receptive to Andy’s advances, which he put down to his charm and swagger. She actually preferred him for his girlish figure and small shoe size. Andy really had potential. When they reached the woman’s apartment, she led Andy to her bedroom. Pushing him onto the bed, Andy was in high spirits. Unfortunately, the spirits he’d consumed throughout the night took their toll and Andy fell fast asleep as soon as he felt a pillow beneath him. Whilst he slept, the woman dragged Andy’s clothes off him and tossed them in the trash. He wouldn’t need them anymore. Andy fell in and out of consciousness as she shaved his body hair and weaved extensions into his hair. In his drunken state, he was surprisingly malleable and put up little resistance.  When he eventually came to, Andy was still on the bed. He pushed himself up and rubbed his head to ease the pain from the night before. That’s when he felt the long extensions in his hair. He shot up in a panic and nearly fainted when he saw his reflection in the full-length mirror at the end of the bed. A beautiful girl in a tight top, mini skirt and high heels looked back at him. Pinned to the edge of the mirror was a note which detailed what the mysterious woman had done to him. Along with the extensions, she had done his makeup and fitted him with some bouncy breast forms. It also detailed how she had left a purse for Andy with enough money for a taxi home in it, but he could risk the walk home if he liked. She had also left a camera, which she had used to document the entire process. Andy hoped he could delete the photos from the camera as he ran out of the apartment with it and the bag, but the photos were already online on numerous blogs and fetish sites, unbeknownst to him. Exiting the apartment, Andy ran straight into one of the other tenants of the apartment block. Dropping the bag and camera, Andy desperately tried to explain his predicament.

“Well, perhaps you ought to come back to mine to calm down, if all this is true. Sounds like you need a drink to calm your nerves…”

Andy couldn’t respond before he was guided into the apartment next door. Still groggy from the night before and the madness of what had happened to him, Andy stumbled into the man’s apartment. Surely this couldn’t get any worse, he thought. But when a beautiful girl stumbles into a lonely man outside his apartment, then he’d hardly want to let her go, would he?

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