Carl and Martin were a couple of High School drop-outs who couldn’t hold a job between them, but if there was one thing that they were good at it was stealing. The two teenagers knew how to chose their targets, and today was their most ambitious job to date. They had chosen the home of a rich high-flying woman who was out of town for the weekend, and at first, things were going smoothly. The house had a strange feel to it though – there was a distinct smell of perfume wherever they went, and the rich gowns and expensive jewelry all seemed somehow… alive. Carl found himself drawn to some lingerie on show on the bedside table. They looked ordinary enough, but as Carl got near enough to snag them he felt a sudden and irresistible urge to try them on. Martin was having a similar experience with some pink stockings, and before they knew it the two teenagers were completely transformed into wicked young women full of lust and a desire for
power. Suddenly stealing seemed a juvenile exercise. The two women forgot about any electrical goods and plundered the dresses, jewelry and make-up they were going to need instead. Where two teenage boys with no prospects had entered, two sexy women strutted out with the world at their heels. Martina held up her pocket mirror for the two women to admire themselves. Was this how the original owner rose to power in the first place? One thing was for sure… looking like this, the two girls would never need to steal again!

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