High Heeled Mistake (Part 3)

As soon as I stepped foot outside the next morning, my heart began pounding. I had never been outside like this before. The heels, which I had attempted to remove many more times that morning, clicked loudly on the pavement as I made my way to the bus stop. I began to panic about the make-up I was wearing. Did it look like shit? I was sure to think so, even if nobody else noticed. It was terrible. I took a deep breath as the bus pulled up, and I immediately felt several eyes on me, including the driver. Feeling like a complete idiot, I tottered up the steps, giving the driver a nervous nod, and sat down. I was off. Approaching the office was a new dread.

I had practiced my “voice”, and I hoped being my “sister” Alexis would give me some leeway. And even though she could probably see me shaking, the receptionist just smiled and went back to her computer. That was it. Either she knew or she didn’t, but she sure as hell didn’t show it. It was by far my least productive day ever. I spent most of my time on the computer researching solvents, and I spoke very little to anyone in the office. They probably thought I was a bitch. Or worse, that I was me. But no one approached me or stared at me- maybe I had actually pulled it off. After the longest day of my life, the bus had dropped me off, leaving me standing there undetected and exhausted. What the hell I did then, I had no idea.

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