High Heeled Mistake (Part 2)

How could I have been so stupid, I thought, hopelessly tugging on the black stilettos. The resin must have had soaked through the lining and onto my feet- who knew how long it would hold? That was when my first major panic set in- oh God, I had work the next day! I couldn’t go in wearing these! I spent the night pulling, lubricating, doing everything I could do, but I knew this resin too well. Nothing like that would work. I didn’t know what would. One thing was for sure-I had to call in sick. Buy myself some more time. So that was what I did. After what felt like forever, two days had gone by, and I was out of sick days. I was just a telemarketer, but I needed that job- my hobbies, including my damn fetish, had kept my bank account light.

I would have to go in and be ridiculed. And that was when I had a terrifying idea. What if I went in… en femme? Said I was my own sister or something, filling in for me? Would they buy it? Could they?? The thought had seemed like a wild fantasy before, but now it was pure terror. All the same, I had nothing to lose- i was already wearing freaking stilettos. Who knew, maybe l could play it off as a joke? Nervously, I made the phone call. explained to my boss my “horrible fever” and asked if my sister, who also had experience, could temporarily fill-in for me. And he accepted. I hung up the phone and took a deep breath. I had had dreams like this before- so why the hell did this feel more like a nightmare??

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