High Heeled Mistake (Part 1)

I admit, I used to love to spend my free time crossdressing. After work, weekends, any time I was alone. Over the years the boxes under my bed had become full of female clothing- dresses, heels, wigs, everything. It was my private fetish. But even though l never dare wear any of them out, some of my favorite items began to fall apart. One such item was my favorite pair of heels- my black stiletto courts. The insole linings had begun to separate from the sole, and they needed to be settled back down. Gluing them appeared to be the only way, which was ideal given all the resins I owned for the metalworking I did. I used a generous amount to make sure I wouldn’t have to do it again, and placed the linings back in the heels, holding them down.

But after a few minutes I thought the ideal method would simply be to wear them- my weight would hold them down until the resin dried. The thought admittedly aroused my habit of dressing up, so l put on a few of my favorite clothes and slipped my feet into my size 9 heels. I knew I had time to burn, so I turned on the TV and did some ironing as the glue set. After an hour or so, I sat down to take the shoes off and check on the insoles, but to my dismay the heel wouldn’t come off. I tried the other, but it too refused to separate from my foot. Anxious, I went to the kitchen and hopped onto the counter to give the heels a better pull, but they were tightly settled in place. That was when I realized why I couldn’t get the damn heels off of my feet.


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