Cody had agreed to help his Ex-girlfriend with a film project she was working on to pitch to a film studio. What he did not know was that the studio was an adult film studio that specialized in feminized male pictures. When he showed up she wasted no time in getting his entire body shaved smooth, including his more delicate areas. Then she dressed him in the petticoat, thigh high stockings, and the pretty yellow mini dress that his starring role required. By the time that was done all the fight was out of his system, leaving him perfectly complacent to have his make-up and very girlish blonde ringlet wig applied. Everything went fine until “Goldilocks” saw his co-stars. He curtsied as he had been instructed, having already accepted that Maggie would not acknowledge him until he did. “It’s bad enough having to dress like this, but why didn’t you tell me that the three bears were going to be a trio of large hairy gay men? And why are they all naked? Lube? You must be kidding me. All three of them are more than 11 inches?!”

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