Helping a Friend !!

You expect me to wear these shoes? I know you want me to look my best when we meet your parents at the restaurant, but those shoes will kill me. Yes sure l know that your girlfriend quit you, and you didn’t tell them by now and they are flying over from abroad. But you remember eventhough I started transitioning to Nicole just a few months ago, I am not that used to weering those stupid high heels. Sure I know my role for today, afterall I knew how Nicky, your ex, acted like in public. and for sure I will do my best. Yes I won’t be moaning about my shoes.

Sure l agreed to help you out Matt, l know you haven’t seen your parents in years and you were so looking foward to meeting them. I will tell you what the deal is, you remember am technically still lan, but when after l had my surgery down below, I hope you will be the one l would like to spent my first time as a postop girl with. Or l could tell your mom, that your girlfriend dumped you the day before yesterday and you are now having an a affair with a preop transgirl. Sure you know what a girl like me likes, and I am getting my wishes…

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