Brian had thought his aunt Kathy had been bluffing, but now he came to realize she had been deadly serious. She could take his body- and she did leaving him in her own. At first Brian was in utter shock, staring at disbelief in what was no doubt his aunt’s body. Brushing her blonde hair out of his eyes, he gently peered down, finding himself atop two long, smooth legs. Beneath them were petite feet crammed into matching red stilettos, in which he immediately began to wobble. The sensation was shocking if not terrifying, feeling the slight jiggle of her two breasts on his chest as he moved about. The red skirt she had been wearing was very revealing, and frankly Brian wished he could see less of the body that was now his. As one heel wobbled to it’s side, Brians legs fell together- but there was no pinch. A feeling of dread came over him as he remembered the most important part of womanhood, doing his best to try to ignore his new sensative void. But it was too distracting- every movement reminded him of what was no longer there. Carefully and slowly he lifted up the bottom of the dress, unsure what to do when he saw what he was anticipating. Meanwhile, aunt Kathy was sitting at a traffic light, debating whether or not to go back home. This could be a new start for her- a whole exciting young new life. She thought for a moment, nodded, and made her decision, hitting the gas.

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