Halloween Party !!

My friends decided that we needed to have a halloween party, and one of them volunteered their place to host the party. I lamented over what I should wear to this party. I don’t usually dress up for parties and things like this, but I enjoy the time I get to hang out with my friends. Its a week before the party and I still haven’t settled on a costume yet. I was talking to my sister about the party and she offered an idea. She told me about the bunny costume she wore a couple years ago. As she was talking a lightbulb went off in my head that this was it. My sister even had a wig I could use for the outfit. She told she bought it to go with the outfit because she wanted a different look than her naturally blonde hair. The next day I went into a speciality store and found a pair of breast forms on sale.

The day of the party I enlisted the help of my sister to help me with getting ready. Erica made sure to read the instructions on how to apply the adhesive to the forms and then to my chest, then she used makeup to cover up the seams. Next came the makeup and painting my fingernails. The next step was the wig applied with a small amount of adhesive to make sure the ears would stay on my head. Erica then told me how to put on the tights and then helped put on the rest of the costume. She walked into the closet and pulled out a pair of heels for me to wear. “These shouldn’t be too painful to walk in” Erica told me. I caught a glimpse in the mirror of the hottie in front of me. I was shocked that was me. Well,off to the party. At the party people would come up to my best friend and ask who the girl in the bunny costume was. She would smile and say that is my friend Ashley. This party was awesome and I can’t wait to do it again.

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