A Halloween wig, a tank top and 20 minutes of access to Bob’s sister’s room. If Charlie could prove he looked like a girl, then Bob would give him 500 dollars cash.
“You can come in now Bob, with your wallet”
“Look Samantha, not that I mind look at your boobs but did Charlie put you up to this for half of those 500 bucks? That’s beneath you!!”
If I was my sister Samantha. I’d smack you!! Now shut up and give me my money please.

“What the fuck!! You have to tell me how the hell were you able to do all this in such a short time?!!”
It’s not that hard. Don’t you watch videos on youtube when you get bored? Samantha was watching some of those makeup tutorials online and it seemed really easy…and I found one where the girl made her brother up and he turned out to be really cute and passable. Now pay up sweetie…Mwah…You’re the best!!
Did you just kiss me on the cheek? What the hell??
Sorry. It just felt like the right thing to do looking like this.

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