Guy is Forced into Modelling Girly Clothes !!

“That’s it, right there.The photographer did as he was told, as he snapped a picture of the beauty in front of him. This was the strangest gig he had ever been on. When he arrived, the model had been sullen and silent, standing dejected as two women berated her. It took a second for the photographer to realise that this model, with the long hair and the perfect makeup, was in fact male. He figured that this was some sort of LGBT shoot, but it slowly became clearer that the model didn’t have much choice. He overheard a conversation: “You slipped away so easily in your nice casual wear. Thought we wouldn’t find you.

Well now you’ve been demoted. No longer my sissy girlfriend, you can consider yourself our maid. And just in case you have any bright ideas about escaping unnoticed again, this will be your uniform.” It was at this point one of the women showed the model the insanely frilly pink dress. The model was pleading not to be made to wear it, but they forced it over her head and zipped it up. They even attached a padlock, locking her in it until they saw fit to release her. Sure, the model had shot him a pleading look. But he was just the photographer. Not up to him to interfere with clients. And besides… he thought that this reluctant girl was a thing of beauty. Her humiliation played beautifully for the camera. Why would he ruin that?

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