“Damn it, Traci, I didn’t agree to this … all I said was that I would help you out with your studies for college”.

“And I told you that I needed someone to practice my ‘Makeup’ applying techniques “!

“Makeup applying techniques? this is more than that for ’Christ’s’ sake”!

“Yeah, but you would look stupid if you were a guy wearing makeup right… so I got you to put on a ’Wig’, shave off all of your body hair-, don a pair of ’Falsies’ and tuck your manhood tightly between your legs; so that you would look the part”.

“Ok you might be right there but I’m finding it hard to believe that these aren’t real ’Boobs’ and why am I sitting down with my legs crossed? 

You’re just getting into the role of pretending to be a ’Girl’; now just sit there whilst I finish off your ’make up’’’!

After about an hour- she’s finished.

“There we go all done, now to see if I’ve done it correctly you’ll have to go outside and see if anybody notices you”.

“Why the hell would I do that Traci?”

“Oh! didn’t I tell you, I’ve used a ’Special’ glue on you it contains a ’Feminization’ agent; for now it’s just permanently stuck your wig and falsies in place and your ’manhood between your crotch; soon you’ll become a ‘Real’ woman, so I’ll be able to continue to try my ’Make up’ techniques on you and even the other course that I’m doing … ’Fashion’; I’ll be able to put you in some really sexy clothes from now on”.

“I don’t get it why have you done this to me Traci”?

“Well, you’re the only one to agree to let me place ’Make up’ on them, and as I said you would look ridiculous as a guy so I’ve done you a favor, anyhow you’ll be able to continue to ‘Cross-dress’ in my clothes without looking so stupid from now on yeah that’s right. I’ve known about your little escapades for some while: so, it’s a favor done for a favor in return … of course, you’ll have to change your name to ’Billie’ instead of ’Billy’!


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