I’d been out of work for a few months when Amy, a good friend of mine, informed me that she had some good news. There was an opening down at the firm where she worked and that there was a good chance that I could get a job if I applied! Intrigued, l asked her for the details. When I heard that it was for a secretarial position, I laughed. I told her that they’d never hire a male secretary, but thanked her anyway. I thought the conversation would end there, but she surprised me by remarking that she agreed. I was confused; if she agreed that I’d never get the job, then why’d she tell me about it in the first place? Her only reply to my question was a knowing stare. It took me a while, but I finally caught her drift. No, there was no way I was going to pretend to be a woman just to get a job. Allow me to explain. Amy is one of the few people that know about my secret life as a cross-dresser and about my female alter ego, Lucy.

She’s even helped me dress up on more than one occasion, but it’d always been a private affair before and I had no intention of changing that anytime soon. Then, she revealed to me how much the job paid. That was two weeks ago. Today is the day of my interview and as you can see I’ve fully committed myself to this endeavour. With Amy’s help, I’ve mastered the dainty and obedient girl look even though I’m not one at all. No one will ever find out though, with my wig on, makeup done, and breast forms in place, I look every bit the proper young lady that I’m pretending to be. Even my pretty lace panties reveal nothing but a smooth, flat, front. Amy’s even given me some great insider tips for my interview today and it all adds up to make me feel extremely confident about myself. Today, I am going to excite them with my pleasing personality, impress them with my daring initiative, and electrify them with my deft darting tongue. They’re sure to blow away all right.

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