Ray lived for undercover police work. His experience and skills made him the perfect choice for the new intergalactic department. More crimes now involved multiple jurisdictions and multiple worlds than ever. Traveling to another world shielded the worst criminals for a long time. With one department able to cross jurisdictional boundaries without legal issues would be a valuable tool for police to protect intelligent life in the Community of Worlds. As you know, most worlds are matriarchal. Ray knew this and still jumped at the opportunity to serve. Few men were needed. What was needed was women experienced in an undercover police investigation. Ray understood the need and was more than willing to do his duty. When the offer came Ray didn’t hesitate. He underwent the surgical procedures to transform him into Linda. Training followed the transformation. Ray had to learn his new body and intergalactic laws and regulations. To help solidify his undercover image, Linda took a husband. Ray was surprised how fast he adjusted to life as a wife. It turned into Ray’s dream job.

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