Going too Far !!

l never intended for it to go this for. I never intended for this to happen.I wanted to tease him, to make him want me, but I didn’t want him to win. I wanted to play and pretend to be a flirty girl, but I didn’t actually want to get fucked like one. But it all happened so fast, too fast for me to even know how to respond to it. All I could do was moan, and that gave away my true feelings. I may not have wanted him inside me, but now that he is pushing into me, I am beginning to lose all pretense of not wanting this.I have always known that I look good dressed up. Or at least, I have known since High School. That is when I first dressed up as a girl for a Halloween party and none of my closest friends seemed to recognize me. Some of them even started flirting with me, each one eager to get a kiss from who they thought was the hottest new girl in town. I’ve never thought of myself as actually being attracted to men, but as I am so unappealing to women, I found this newfound power to be thrilling. I was wanted, and I could get them to do whatever I told them to do. l kept my female alter-ego around for years.Sure, I am hanging, always promising but never delivered. The most I did was to get dressed up for them.I am ashamed to admit that I got friends to clean up for me, just by promising a cheeky peek at my panties and then I giggled and told them that ‘I’m not that kind of a girl.

They knew that I wasn’t a girl at all, but none of them seemed to care. They were horny, and I was the best-looking feminine creature they knew.But recently I tried doing the same to my landlord. I was late on my rent, and I thought that I could get him to excuse me if he saw how cute and girly I could be. It had worked in the past and that it should work again, but he Just wouldn’t budge. He didn’t seem at all surprised when I started wearing skirts. He didn’t seem to look when I bent over, exposing my pretty pink panties. He didn’t even respond when I told him, in passing, how much I loved to please big and strong men. All the things I do, all the depraved things I allow myself to do just to manipulate didn’t work on him. He was completely stone-faced and it angered me. I would like to pretend that I wasn’t frustrated, but I was. I was rejected and it hurt me. It made me feel like a silly little girl, and I resented that. I wasn’t a girl, I was just playing a girl! l figured that I had one shot left to make him surrender. I wanted to win so badly. I made a cleavage so convincing and real that it was impossible to differentiate.I doused myself with perfumes and perfected the art of make-up, all for him.

I wanted to make myself as desirable as the sweetest and most delicious candy. I wanted him to eat me up. I told myself that if I only backed out at the last second, this wouldn’t mean anything. If I just could get him to admit that he wanted me, then I would win and I that would be all.I knocked on his door. When he opened I pretended to drop my skirt, and with a red face, I apologized profusely for not wearing any panties.And then bit my lip as I stared into his eyes. “I’ve lost my keys,”I said sounding like a hurt baby kitten. “Can I come in? He still didn’t say a thing, but I saw a smirk form on his face. I briefly felt victorious, but then he placed his strong arms around my tiny little waist. I had never realized just how small I am compared to other men. And as he pulled me up from the floor, I felt like I weighed nothing. I felt like a delicate little cloud in risk of being blown away.All those girly thoughts invaded my brain, and it was like as if I had forgotten that this was a game.He pushed me onto the bed and started doing things that I never thought I would do with another man.But what’s worse was that I was actually enjoying it.I guess I finally “WON”.

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