Going to a Wedding as a Bridesmaid !!

“No.. .wait…Mom–I can’t go through with this. Please! It’s just too embarrassing. Everybody will know I’m not a girl and they’ll laugh at me. Mom, it’ll get around school, and I’ll never be able be live this down. Please, please, don’t make me do this!”

I don’t want to hear it, young man. You should have thought about that before you managed to total the Jamesons’ car and send Mindy to the hospital. You’re just lucky Mrs. Jameson didn’t decide to press charges. I thought it was very open-minded of her to let you off with just filling in for Mindy at her cousin’s wedding. Now hold still while finish adjusting your skirt,”

“But, Mom, what if Jessica finds out? She’ll think I’m some kind of pervert or queer or something.”

“Oh, pish! She’s much too sensible to think anything of the sort although sometimes I wonder about her taste in boyfriends. You can be such a pain. Oh, and you can stop worrying about her finding out, David, she already knows. In fact, it’s quite a coincidence, actually–as it happens, another bridesmaid had to drop out, so I mentioned Jessica’s name to the mother of the bride, and whaddya know? It turns out that Jess went to grade school with the bride, and they were thrilled to include her in the wedding party. Didn’t it all work out nicely? I mean, how many boys get to be a bridesmaid alongside their own girlfriends?

“What??!! No, you didn’t.. .she couldn’t…Mom, how could you?!”

“Calm down, David. It’s better this way. Did you really think she wouldn’t find out about the accident? Of course, she would. So I decided the best thing was to let her know all about it from the beginning. And you can relax, darling–she understands completely. Who do you think suggested this as a way to make things up to the Jameson’s in the first place? And believe me, sweetheart, she can’t wait to see you in your dress. In fact, she’s so excited about the whole thing, she wants to take us all out to eat after the reception. She even found a pair of darling matching outfits for you two to change into before we go to dinner. So, you see, precious, you don’t have a thing to worry about. Your girlfriend won’t think you’re weird because it was all her idea, to begin with, and, take my word for it, doll, you look so pretty right now, there’s no way anyone will ever mistake you for a boy in a dress.”

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