Girls’ Night Out

The boys did their best to cover themselves but it was difficult in the skimpy outfits the girls had left them.
After being caught taking photos from an outside window they were invited inside to experience Katie’s girls-only party themselves. Things were going great at first and the boys were having the time of their lives, surrounded by scantily clad women and drinking what was given to them. When the drugs kicked in the real party started -the girls started furiously applying make up and Katie even had a couple of wigs which they super glued to the boys heads. Once they were made over the girls went through Katie’s wardrobe, treating the boys as their own life-sized dolls as they took photos of them in fun positions wearing different outfits. These dresses were actually the last of many that the girls had dressed them up in.
As the boys awoke the girls slipped 5$ in between each of their new pairs of breasts – just about enough for them to get a bus home Turfed out into the cold the boys had had no choice but to walk down to the bus stop. They just hoped a bus would come soon because the group of guys over the road had started making their way over…

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