Girlfriend’s Plan!!

John realized too late that he should have changed the locks after he kicked his girlfriend out. She’s the only one that could have done it. The only one that knew he always had a cold beer after getting home from work. It was only after the change hit that he realized that someone had pasted a label from his regular beer over the Sissy Breweries label. She knew he never would have touched the bottle if he knew where it came from and what it could do. That’s probably why the black dress was still hanging in the closet.

She hadn’t forgotten it, she had probably put it there because it was the only thing he had to wear that would fit after the change. Then he heard a knock at the door and a policeman asking for John saying a tip had been called in that there was a break-in. He was sure his ex was responsible for that too as he tried to figure out what to do next. His ex-watched with a grin as they took the unknown woman out in cuffs still claiming she was really John.


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