Girlfriend turned me into a Girl?

I can’t believe that the guys down at the pub said I looked gay. Sure, we make fun of each other all the time, but they sounded so serious this time. They looked me in the eyes as if they were actually concerned. Yeah, I told them that just ’cause I let my girlfriend buy clothes for me doesn’t mean that I am gay. She’s a fashion expert, so maybe the clothes she buys are a bit fancier than what we’re used to. But I look good, even if they are too stubborn to see it. “Do you share clothes, or something?” Mikey said after having drunk his third lager. “You two look about the same size.” Just because I haven’t got a disgusting beer gut they accuse me of being tiny.

Sure, before I met my girlfriend I used to weigh more. She got me to take all sorts of health pills. She taught me to care of my body. I never used skin lotions before, and my skin was always cracked and dry. And as for the waxing? Well, let me tell ya mates, girls hates your hairy back. Get rid off all that hair and you’ll be drowning in pussy Are you wearing make-up?” Pete said after having drunk his fifth lager. “You’re starting to look prettier than my sister.Pete’s sister is a fucking ogre. Of course I’d look sexier than her. Really, all I’m thinking is that I better find new friends. My girlfriend asked me to hang out with her friends. It’s all about being open-minded, you see. If you’re not willing to try out different things then you’ll be stuck in some dark and smoky pub for the rest of your life. Besides, if I was gay then I wouldn’t be jacking off to lesbian porn, right? Oh, yeah, I’d let her fuck me with a strap-on. I wonder when my girlfriend will be back from work?


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