He was a nice guy but not really with his little 10 years old sister Roxy. He was 19 years old, had a skinny frame, and soft features on his face, the kind of guy who’s easy to approach.

Roxy loved playing with dolls! Every day when he would come home from school, Roxy would ask him “Will you play dolls me?”and every day he would reply “Why would I do that, boys don’t do girly stuff like that!”

Gabriella would get sad and just say “okay” in her little sad girly voice.

One day he brought his long-time girlfriend home after school. They were about the same size and height and looked so cute together. When they walked in the door, Gabriella said “Will you play dolls with me?“ and he said why would I do that, boys don’t do girly stuff like that!”

His girlfriend saw that, and was really upset at him, she took him in to his bedroom and sat him down and told him how disappointed she was with him. She said “if you don’t start playing dolls with your cute little sister we’re over!!” she said with rage.

“But I’m a boy, look at me! Boys don’t do girly stuff like that!”

“Oh really, well I guess we’ll have to change that!” she said with a grin on her face. And off she went home…

The next day she came over to the house with a pile of her clothes, a bag of make-up and hair extensions, sat him down again and said “ok, so since you don’t think boys should play with dolls, than I’ll make you a girl so you can play dolls with your sister!… OK!! Or else you’ll lose me, is that want you want? Is it?”

“No, I guess not…”“ He said with a nerves voice.

“Ok, then let’s get started” Three hours later…. Here is “Chrissy”, Roxy’s big sister ready to play dolls, as “she” looks up at “her” girlfriend, and she says “Now that’s how a good girl acts”

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