“Check me out, I am such a beautiful lady.” thought Gerald. I always thought that Rita was sexy, but now that I’m in her body looking in the mirror through her eyes, I can see just how smoking hot I am. It amazes me how quickly I’ve adapted to being a girl. I was beyond pissed when my sister and her friends were messing with that book of spells. She tried casting a Body swap Spell and swapped me with Rita, then discovered that there wasn’t a reverse spell. It could’ve been worse, I could’ve been swapped with my sister who is nowhere as hot as Rita. I kind of feel sorry for Rita being stuck in my fat pimple faced boy body. I definitely got the best in the swap. The transition wouldn’t have been so good if the spell hadn’t given us each other’s mannerisms, memories, likes, and dislikes. The spell made it easy to assume each other’s life. I’m definitely not pissed anymore. I love this sexy body and this life.

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