Getting used to being a Housewife !!

Oh God, what am I going to do?” I moaned as I stood in Amy’s living room and tried not to let my new body distract me too much. I couldn’t believe that I was actually in my sister-in-law’s body! When Amy asked to swap bodies with me, I thought that she was pulling my leg or something. I mean, there was no way in my mind she could have been serious! But apparently, she was, because sure enough right after I relented to her pestering and agreed to swap with her “if she could actually pull it off,” I found myself in her body! Right after the swap, my body launched into this story that I would have found completely unbelievable had circumstances not been what they were. The new man explained to me that he hadn’t always been Amy, but rather had been a guy named Brad up until about a year earlier.

He’d worked with Amy at her old job at a restaurant when, one day, she’d approached him practically begging to swap bodies with him. And sure enough, he’d agreed just as I had and found himself suddenly in her body! The way the guy explained it, he was at least the fifth person to be become “Amy.” Apparently, the original Amy had pissed off a witch and got swapped with an older man, and each subsequent owner of her body was able to trade for a new one after a year by getting another person to agree to swap with them! Apparently, Amy or Brad or whatever the guy’s name was had been eyeing my body for a good six months, and only actually went through with marrying my brother to keep me close! He apologized for getting me involved in the mess but assured me that, after a year, I could move on to greener pastures.

The thing was, could I really do that? I mean, do I really want to perpetuate the cycle of body thefts? And besides, what about my brother? I didn’t like the idea of actually being married to him, but I at least cared about him. If I stole another guy’s body, they probably wouldn’t and may very likely break his heart! I supposed that I was in no real rush to make a decision. I would be Amy for at least a year and would have to decide what to do then. In the meantime, I resolved to do the only thing I could do. I would dive into my new life headfirst, trying to be the best wife I could be for my new husband while trying to forget my old life as a man. And who knew, if I really tried to get into it, maybe I’d actually grow to like my new life That was a pretty huge “maybe,” granted, but I owed it to my new husband and whatever guy would end up as the next Amy to at least give it a try.

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