Richard stood in front of the mirror, trying to apply the eyeliner just like he had just seen in videos, that he had found on the internet. He needed to do that and all the other things to make him appear sexy and desirable, if he wanted to go back to being a man.
His look went to his neck and to the collar, that was wrapped around it. That damn collar. That cursed collar. When he first saw it on the hooker, that he hired, Rich­ard didn’t think much of it. He figured, that it was just a fashion accessory. He didn’t even think twice, when she didn’t remove it before starting their sex session. But when the hooker opened it in the middle of having sex and when some white mist or gas streamed out of it, Richard was getting kind of nervous. But he couldn’t do anything but to continue his thrusting and to watch as the gas flew directly into his mouth. For a few moments he felt a pushing and a tugging coming from within his own body and then everything went black.

When his senses returned he was shocked to find him­self lying on his back aand a big man – his own body – was looking down at him with a huge grin on his face. And before he left he turned towards Richard, who was still lying motionless on the bed and said,
“Thanks for your body, pal. It feels nice to be out of this hooker’s form. Oh….all your questions will be answered, when you read the journal, that’s in the nightstand. Have fun!”
It took Richard a long time, but finally he sat up and read the journal. Which explained, that his current body was cursed to always wear the collar. And that the collar could be used to swap bodies during sexual intercourse. Richard was very happy, when he read that. He really didn’t want to be stuck as a woman, much less as a hooker. And the prospect of getting out of this body was enough for him to even overlook the fact, that he would have to sleep with a man in order to become one again. “I just hope, that I can find some young and hopefully wealthy guy, who I wouldn’t mind swapping bodies with.”

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