Getting Ready for a Date !!

Ethan had the worst luck with women, so much so that he couldn’t even secure a date with any girl he asked. Instead, he was pretty much placed straight in the friend zone with any woman he came into contact with. Ethan knew it was down to his petite figure and severe lack of confidence, yet he continued to try and continued to fail. When he failed with the girls at the office, Ethan decided to try something different and approached the office girls to help him secure a date. The girls took pity on him and agreed to help him, however, it would require a complete change to his look. Ethan agreed to meet them later after work so they could begin his transformation.

After work, Ethan met them as planned and was welcomed immediately upstairs where he was told to shave all his body hair off. When Ethan explained he didn’t have any the girls began to chuckle, before composing themselves and telling Ethan to strip naked. Ethan was very nervous about this but the girls reassured him this needed to happen in order for them to help him. Ethan did as he was asked and stripped. Once his clothes were off the girls grabbed him and pushed him in the bed and began dressing him in black lingerie followed by a short dress and very high heels. Ethan was then held down as a thick layer of makeup was applied and a wig was placed on his head.

The girls then let go allowing him to sit up where they quickly snapped a picture. Angry and confused Ethan asked what was going on, when the girls simply replied “there was absolutely no way you were gonna get a date as you were, so now we’ve made it impossible for you to not get someone’s number, I know you don’t really want men to be falling all over you but beggars can’t be choosers”. The girls the scooped Ethan up and headed out the door ready for a night on the town…

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