Get Used to it !!

Madeline was delighted with the horrified look on her husband Malcolm’s face. He was lying on the bed still wearing the blue underwear and the blonde wig was still firmly on his head. Even his make up looked fresh.
“You did what?” Maclolm asked incredulously.
“We feminized you,” Madeline replied trying to sound as matter-of-fact as she could. “After you drank too much last night and passed out the girls and I decided to make some improvements.”
“The girls? Which girls?”

“All the girls,” Madeline said enjoying the way her husband seemed to be deflating. “We had a quite a party with you, as you can see.”
“That wasn’t fair,” Malcolm groaned trying to imagine just how many girls would have been involved. His wife had many friends.
“Well I’ve decided that I prefer you as a girl so you had better get used to it…”

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