(In a very quiet voice)
Hey Sarah, it’s me your boyfriend! You have to get me out of here! It’s really hard being you! There’s just so much maintenance, the hair. the make-up the clothes and especially the waxing!!!” I know all you wanted was to have a week away from your parents to go to the city and have a girl’s holiday with your friends, and I’m happy to cover for you, but it’s all too much for me to handle! I know I can easily pass as you with our similar features, same body build, and long brown hair but being a girl is starting to change my personality like I actually started to like wearing dresses and skirts and panties are super cute and comfy now!! WHAT AM I GONNA Do!!!”

“WOW, calm down “Sarah”

“Stop calling me your name”

“Just trying to keep your cover sweetie! Anyways, don’t get you panties in a twist (giggle!); it’s only for three more weeks!”

“What!!! Three weeks, you said one week and that’s it!”

“Well, I just need a little more time! Ok? LOVE YOU!!”

“(Sigh!) Love you too, ok I guess I can be you for a few more weeks, but next time you’re staying home and I get to go to the city and have a girl’s holiday with your girlfriends, OK!!!”


Great, Can’t wait!! Oh, got to go now, I think I hear your mom coming to my room, she wanted to go shopping today, bye now!”

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