Fun Little Game !!

So Kevin, are you reconsidering at this point? Judging from that helpless little pout, I’d say so. Hey, it seemed like such a wonderful fantasy, to be “forced” to live as a teenaged girl for a day, to be ordered around by phone, to be dependent on someone else, didn’t it? But now it’s a reality. It might feel a bit less wonderful now, but there’s something else you need to know: it’s too late. I don’t blame you for looking so anxious. After all, you have no id, no money, and are an hour’s drive from home. You know that our little game is scheduled for another 5 hours, and I’ve already had you someplace to get extensions in your hair, and fake nails attached.

How are those nails, hon? Annoying aren’t they? I really thought you were going to give up at that point. But where would you go? Could be worse, though, wouldn’t you say? It’s not as if you’re wearing makeup, or have had to do more than endure some stilted conversation with people bringing out your inner beauty. Of course, five hours is a long time…. Well, enough of my idle chatter. Listen closely to the details for your next mission. And you’re going to need to bring your best smile. You’re just too cute to waste your time being shy. This time you have to kiss a boy.

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