From Son’s to Daughters !!

“I don’t understand Mrs Hooper, where are my sons?” “These are your sons Mr Ross, or rather now, as you can see, your daughters.” “What? What lunacy is this? You never said anything about…about emasculating them!” “I did explain that my institute’s methods were very unconventional, Mr Ross, in fact I believe I made you well aware they were borderline illegal. You still agreed to send Joshua and Patrick to stay with us. You said they were out of control, the drugs issues led to violence issues, they’d been tossed out of college, Joshua had come close to being arrested…you said you feared for their lives, Mr Ross.” “I know…but that doesn’t mean I wanted you to turn them into some kind of freaks!” “I can assure you we have done nothing of the sort Mr Ross. What we have done is calm Joshua and Patrick down,through a series of anger management courses, meditation, hypnotherapy, and oestrogen injections. And it has worked.Emily and Felicia are polite, hardworking, honest and well-adjusted human beings.” “They’re also boys in dresses!” “Oh Mr Ross, I don’t think you understand. Joshua and Patrick signed all the forms willingly; they underwent surgery two months ago. They aren’t boys in dresses, Emily and Felicia are anatomically now young women…Mr Ross…Mr Ross, you’ve gone very pale. Would you like to sit down?”

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