From Son to Daughter !!

When my Dad left us in the beginning of the summer,mom started acting strangely. First she wouldn’t let me get my hair cut. Then she started making me wear different clothes and threw out all my old ones. Then she started telling me to shave my legs, adding that if I didn’t, she would do it for me! By then I knew what she was doing, but there was nothing I could do! My body started changing and I didn’t know why- it probably had something to do with my food tasting funny. But it wasn’t until she told me “a proper girl wears heels,” that I stood up for myself.

“I’m not a girl” I said. “You don’t exactly look like a boy, sweetie,” she responded. “Besides, you’ll find that I already threw out all your other shoes. Here, try these on- they used to be mine.” “I won’t wear these! This has gone on long enough!” I yelled back. Oh, you’ll wear them,” she said, “unless you want some more additional changes,” she added, pointing to her crotch. l gasped. I wasn’t going to win this. Reluctantly I slipped on the heels, hoping they really would prevent any more changes,but I doubt it.

Pic Credit – AlixTg

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