From Master to Maid !!

I’ll have you know that I am the master of this house. am supposed to be, at least. This “game” has gone on far too long. It’s frankly preposterous that I should still be dallying around my own estate wearing this maid’s dress. It is true that my late father never trusted me to carry on his legacy, but the staff has no sensible right to do this to me. Mutiny, is what this is. Plain and simple mutiny.
Sophie, will you please prepare the lounge for our guests?” Charles Drummond, the house’s former butler who has now taken on the role of its master. asked me. Certainly, sir,” I obliged. The day of my father’s passing the staff had already begun their diabolical plotting. They wanted to seize control of the estate. Strip the rightful heir of his property. Oh, they claim that my father loathed the idea of putting me in charge of his estate, but making me play the part of some servant girl could hardly have been his idea.Now this treacherous butler has begun socialising with some of the most esteemed members of our community,All of my father’s old associates. I have heard the gossip, about Drummond’s gentlemanly ways and the missing young heir.

If they only knew what was really going on Here, their equal, is being made to act like some submissive housemaid, all without anyone noticing. You would think that me being a man in a dress would be plainly obvious, but I suppose us aristocrats a oblivious to who is serving us I refuse to entertain the idea, even for a second, that I make a good maid. Clearly, I must stick out like a sore thumb. You cannot take a young womanising bachelor, such as myself, and make him invisible. There are those who are born into a life of servitude, but I am not one. The only reason why I am following their orders is because I fear my own skin. I do not intend on giving Drummond any further excuses to spank me like some petulant child At least I am spared some humiliation by the fact that only a handful of individuals knows my true identity. I can hardly bare the thought of the town knowing that what a lowly position I’ve been forced in.Once these traitors get their punishment , I’ll ensure that no mention or memory of this remains. Although, maybe if the gardener told his son about me I’d be relieved. The way that boy keeps staring lustfully at me well, it makes me wonder if master Drummond’s strict discipline only includes punishing me.


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