From Husband to Personal Maid !!

As the plate crashed to the floor Alex looked over in panic at his wife. She had succeeded in blackmailing him into becoming her personal maid but there didn’t seem to be anything she could do about his butter fingers.”Which plate was that?” she demanded giving him a stern look.
“One of the white ones, Ma’am,” he replied. As humiliating as it was to be dressed in a frilly maid’s uniform and wait on his wife it was the demand that he call her ‘ma’am’ that he found most embarrassing.”That’s the second one this week, isn’t it?” Karen said. “You are such a sissy fingers aren’t you?”
“Yes Ma’am.”
“Clear it up quickly and do try to be more careful. Honestly, I sometimes wonder if you are any good at all, even as a maid. Perhaps I should just keep you as an errand-girl. Would you prefer that? I could send you out to the shops in a little skirt and heels.”

Alex panicked at the thought of being seen in public dressed as woman. It was bad enough that he had to do it at home.No Ma’am,” he said and quickly got down on his knees to clear the mess up. He could feel Karen’s eyes on him the whole time watching his every move and he was sure he could see her smirking.”I think you need to be reminded how to be more careful in your work,” she said.Alex felt his heart sink. There was only one thing worse then calling his wife ‘Ma’am’. Karen said it before he could even think it.”After dinner, I going to put you over my knee for a good spanking…”

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