From a Boyfriend to a Cheerleader !!

Nikki had found the picture accidentally, when she picked up her boyfriend’s identical phone rather than her own. In it he had taken a picture of himself in the mirror, wearing her blue and black cheerleading uniform. At first she felt betrayed-he had snuck into her stuff without her knowing and kept this part of himself secret with him. After she confronted him,he was visibly terrified that she had found out, and told her that he just wanted to see what it would be like to be a girl, but that he would never be pretty enough to go full time. Revisiting the picture Nikki realised he was right -the way he wore the uniform was not flattering, his hair was a short and messy ginger, and his makeup was less than perfect .

She decided if her boyfriend was going to keep doing this than she could help him or lose him. She invited him round on Friday night, and had him strip. From there she helped him shave his legs so that they were satiny smooth. She put a cute matching bra and pantie set on him, then produced her uniform. Adding a sweater to make his arms more feminine, she zipped up the shell and the skirt for him. Then she got to work on his hair, dying it a chocolaty brown and adding some extensions for hi-her. Makeup was the final touch, and with it Nikki showed her girlfriend that she was more than pretty enough to become a girl just like she always wanted.

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