Friday Night !!

Alex was enjoying his Friday night in a local bar, sipping a drink. As he drank, in walked a beautiful woman. She sat next to him and struck up a conversation. Alex was a little taken aback, over the course of the evening the woman and he talked. She appeared to be really into him! She laughed at his jokes, accepted any drink he bought her. Eventually, she rubbed his leg and whispered in his ear: Want to head to my place?” Alex followed her home, excited. Her place was, nice. A huge mansion. She unlocked the door and lead him into a living room. She offered to get him another drink, soon handing him a glass. He sipped it. She sat opposite him, smiling. Alex tried to ask her about her house, but his wording was slurred. His vision grew hazy, he was falling asleep.

He laid his head back and was soon unconscious. When he woke up, he was laying on a metal table in a dark room. He tried to stand, but he was tied down! A light right above him turned on, and he realized what he was lying on looked awfully like a medical table. A door opened and in walked the woman. “Sorry dear, but this has to be done. My mother well, she’s dying. Cancer you see. Recently she told me she always wanted to see her child married, even picked out a boy. I’ll be honest, I hate the guy. Real dick, but it was my mothers dying wish. I gave it some thought, and, if I won’t marry him, perhaps my identical twin sister can.” Behind her followed what looked like a surgeon. “It’ll take a while, but I’m confident with enough surgery, hormones, and training, I can turn you into just the perfect little trophy wife.

You’ll marry him once your training is done, and then everyone’s happy! Mother gets her wish, guy gets a nice wife and I rid myself of both! As for you, well, I hear he has is hot, and he certainly has cash.” A mask was placed over Alexis’s mouth. A knockout gas. He tried to hold his breath. To little avail. Consciousness began to fade, his world went dark. When he woke up after the surgery he was her. He was a hot blonde in a wedding dress getting ready for his/her wedding.

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