Calvin had been pledging the Alpha Omega fraternity at College but when it had come to handing out challenges he had drawn the short end of the stick. The Challenges that they were given ran all year and if they didn’t complete the challenge then they were out at the end of it. Some of the guys had gotten things like sleep with 5 professors or cheat on 20 sorority girls, one had even gotten a challenge to pass his exams without going to class but Calvin’s challenge had seemed easy.

All he had to do was take that Bimbofication class and pass it. Well, he had studied hard and learned all there was about hair and makeup. He hadn’t had the girlfriends like he had wanted to but that was all right. Once he passed the class he wouldn’t have to be this way anymore, even the breast implants that he had gotten as a part of the course will be removed along with the feminine tattoo, but once he started the “KISSING GUYS” and “MAKING OUT WITH GUYS” homework he knew that he would be Clarissa for the rest of his life.

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