Frat Party !!

Halloween at college. Big frat party. School uniform theme. Roy and Amber had always enjoyed role plays and did many things most would not think of as being acceptable but they did not care.Amber wanted they to both go as school girls.Roy was unsure but said if you can make me look like a real college girl, its a deal. She spend 3 days working on him and even though his hair was short, the make up and styling helped make him a passable girl. The day of the party, they both took a bubble bath, shaved everywhere, and then spend the morning pleasing each other. Once saited, they started dressing. Amber wanted the new Roxanne to be on campus while the sun was still up to judge the passablity of her new girl.They both wore white blouses and ties, black bras, and tiny black skirts, but she insisted that Roxanne wear her best garter belt and stockings while she would wear fish net pantyhose.She slipped him some medicine to loosen ‘her’ up and they left the dorm. Once on campus they walked around and talked to many people and no one realized Roxanne was a boy. As the party started, she slipped the new girl 1/2 a Q, and she introduced her to Tony. He was tall, cute and immediately took a shine to Roxanne. After slow dancing and drinking the night way, the 3 of them posed for this photo before they left the party for Tony’s apartment. Roy had always asked Amber for a 3 way. It had always been a fantasy of his. Tonight, with Tony the 3 way would be a complete success.Roxanne has so much to learn about boys behavior.

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