“I can’t believe the director found an actor to sign the show’s contract willingly!” Gabriella said to him as they were having a cast picnic in the hotel. That is very brave of you; you must have really wanted to do this!”

“Umm… not really”, he said as he stared at her, a little confused. “Well I’m really here for the great pay, six months and then I’m out!”

“But you sign the contract… that means you agreed to the procedure” Gabriella trying to explain herself.

“Wait, what procedure? I just sign my employment contract for six months and then they release me!”

“That’s true, but please tell me you read the rest of it explaining the conditions that have to be met if you agree to accept the role of Maria? That procedure is part of the contract!”

“Oh S#*T, so this procedure is it serious?”

“Are you serious dude? You know The Surgery! Come on man, no one signs a contract before they read the whole thing. Well, the director required the actor who got the part of Maria has to get SRS, he wants the character of Maria to be as real as possible! That’s why no other actor signed the contract!”

He froze and just stood there by the door, realizing that his six months as Maria just turned into a lifetime part as the real girl, Maria!!!

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