Foreign Exchange Student !!

Ci si sente cosi meraviglioso visitare l’Italia come una ragazza!

Now, Gene, we love how much you love speaking Italian but you are our guest. You are welcome to speak English if you like.

Thank you, Signora Ricci. I was just saying how much fun it is to be a girl while visiting Italy. Thank you so much for letting me stay with your family during my foreign exchange studies in art history

You’re welcome, Gene. I have to admit we had reservations with a boy staying with us but once your mother explained your feminine interests to us we were more than happy to be your host family. I have to admit you’re quite cute as a girl, and my daughters are beaming how they’re going to have a new sister while you re here. I notice they already put you in one of their outfits. Just as long as you know you have to stay a girl for the entire year while you’re here in our country, you’re welcome to stay with us

HA HA I think I can manage that, Signora Ricci. Even now I just had the first lesson on being a girl in Italy.

Oh? What happened?

l just met the most obnoxious man in the Bellini exhibit. He was hitting on me for an hour while pretending how he knew so much more about art than “a little girl like me”, and argued how Bellini was a horrible artist. Then he pinched me in my rear so l stormed off, but then the jerk followed me into the Boticcelli exhibit and kept trying to impress me by saying how his paintings were all awful too. He wouldn’t leave me alone! Then he followed me again to the next room and complained about how the next painting was by far the ugliest picture he’s ever seen. l burst out laughing and he became so embarrassed that he ran away

Burst out laughing? Why? what happened?

He was looking at a mirror on the wall


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