“Look, is this what you want to see? Some thirty-year-old man wearing panties?” I said as I lifted my skirt for the camera to see the feminine underwear I was wearing. “Don’t think I haven’t noticed the changes to my body. When are you going to end this? What do you want from me? It has been five months since I first woke up in this damn room.I’ve obviously tried to escape, but the door is practically glued shut. I don’t even know how they enter and leave the room when I sleep. It is when I sleep that all the changes happened. First, they took away my clothes, then they replaced my clothes with girly skirts and blouses. They shaved all my body hair, and now I have started seeing physical changes to my body. Whoever kidnapped me, they want to break me. And they’ve done a good job at that, I admit. I am a man, after all.

“Look, whatever point you are trying to prove, you’ve done it! I am humiliated beyond measure. What is that you want from me? Do you want money from my father? Well, my father hates me as it is, so I doubt he’ll ever pay you a ransom,” I said, becoming increasingly frustrated at the silence that met me. For the first time since being sealed into this room ,I heard a voice buzzing from the radio. Typically the radio will only blast pop songs from the likes of Katy Perry or Taylor Swift. But this was clearly not a pre-recorded message, someone was talking to me live.

“It is good that you are learning to be a good Princess,” a female voice said over the radio. “I am impressed with your mannerisms,certainly. Did you even notice that you have been clutching your stuffed animal all this time?” I was stunned, she seemed so sane and measured. Not the kind of madwoman I’d expect would do this to a man. And she was right, I have been holding Mr. Snuggie all this time. Oh, I can’t deny the fact that I decided to give him a name. I have been very, very lonely here. I needed some company, and Mr. Snuggie was there for me. But… is that so bad? “His name is Mr. Snuggie,” I said demurely. “He’s my friend.”

“That is very nice, Princess,” the lady said over the radio.”Now, will you please sit down calmly on your bed, and show Mr. Snuggie how good girls behave?”

“Okay,”I whimpered. I”ll be a good girl for Mr. Snuggie.”


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