Forced Feminzed by Sisters !!

Y’know how it goes… when you have five older sisters in your family, not a single brother and a barely present dad. My mom could hardly keep me safe from their greedy little manicured fingers. They could do whatever they wanted to me. I was their little plaything, a dress-up doll. I got all the hand-me-downs from my sisters. My mother did her best to buy boy clothes for me, but we were dirt poor even as she worked two jobs. It didn’t seem that bad, though. Most of the clothes I had to wear were androgynous enough. And it’s not that I had to wear my sisters panties or bras, or anything like that. Just a few pink sweatpants and maybe the occasional dress.Sure, I didn’t get that many toys meant for boys growing up. My sisters insisted that I’d play with their toys, their barbies and the likes. I didn’t get any plastic guns that I could pretend to shoot my siblings with,instead I learned to braid their hair and do their make-up. What was weird was that my mother refused to let me cut my hair as a kid… but l blame that on her being an old-school hippie. I don’t think she intentionally wanted to make it easier for my sisters to give me girly hairstyles.But then you get older and you start to think that maybe your sisters should start to leave you alone. But they don’t. Nah, my sisters keep treating me like I’m some sort of baby even in my twenties. And don’t all sisters do that? I mean, it’s not that uncommon to be forced to wear skirts and dresses and high heels when you get together for family dinners. It’s not that weird that they insist I shave my body and keep my hair long. As annoying as it might be, it’s just how sisters are.Like a lot of guys who has older sisters, I remember being forced to go out partying with them wearing their cute clothes. Whenever one of them grew to big to wear something, they immediately wanted me to dress-up for them. It didn’t help that I was such a skinny kid. I’m still pathetically underweight for a man, I admit. And sure, when we were out partying they often coerced me to flirt with the boys, they even made me have my first kiss with my best friend, who at the time was unaware who I was. He thought I was just a cute girl.But really now, how are you even supposed to stand up for yourself when you’ve got such an overbearing female presence in your life?  Like, I know not everyone like to admit that these things happen, because it is incredibly humiliating and whatnot, but it is perfectly normal for a guy in my situation to get make-up and lingerie and other girly things as Christmas and birthday gifts. It’s just that my family doesn’t know what to give to a guy, so they just give me the kind of stuff they would give each other. It’s not like as ifI can complain about it… that’d be incredibly rude! But man, it can just get so tiring at times. I make enough money now that I don’t need to stay at home with my sisters when I come to visit, I can book an hotel room instead, but still they pester me. You know how this goes… Your sisters come over and force you to take all these tranquillisers and muscle relaxants, then they dress you up while you lie almost completely paralysed on the bed. Then they take all sorts of photos and upload them to social media, while announcing that their ‘little sister’ is now here to stay. Like, every kid with older sisters knows what that is like It’s like… sisters, am I right or what.

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