Forced Feminized by Ex Girlfriend !!

Jack was livid, why wouldn’t he be? Waking up from his feminisation at the hands of his ex girlfriend and Tomas was more than humiliating, it was plain wrong .As soon as he regained control of himself, he ran to the door, as fast as he could in his pretty six inch heels. Carla stopped him, asking where he was going to go.I am going to find Tomas and beat the crap out of him. It was a combination of hearing his voice, which now came out sounding soft and sweet, and realising he no longer had even the strength to push his ex-girlfriend out of the way that made him stop to think about what he was doing .Look, you’re… you’re a girl now, Carla told him, clueless as to how she could spare him this pain. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean it to get this far. But I will do anything to make it right.I can teach you how to get Tomas. You can’t go beat him up, the hormones have completely depleted your muscles -he’s molded your body to be that of a perfect pretty doll. But there are other things you can do. There was one condition that Carla enforced. If Jack was going to get her help, he had to accept being Jane. For now, she had told him as it was the only way the plan would work .

Carla took Jack back to hers, sympathetic to the embarrassment he felt tottering down the street in the pink frilly dress, and how he had to adjust to the feeling of breasts and walking in heels. They passed one of Jack’s old friends and he just smiled, reminding Jack that in the eyes of everybody else, he was a brave young woman who had embraced her femininity and told the world. Back at Carla’s, Jack got undressed, and really saw the damage. His frame had completely changed, his hips were wider, his waist was smaller, and he had a pair of perfectly shaped breasts. In fact, they were even nicer than Carla’s. As if it wasn’t clear enough that Jack’s masculinity was completely gone, his ex-girlfriend was now helping him into a pretty floral babydoll, and teaching him how to attach smooth see-through stockings.Jack was given a red lipstick to a apply, while Carla found the perfect shoes. Ten inch baby pink stripper heels. As she handed them to her ex boyfriend, he instantly recognised them as a pair that used to really get him going when Carla wore them. Now, he stepped into them to complete his sexy, girly stripper look. “Okay. Who are you?” Jack took a deep breath, while looking at himself in the mirror. What he was, was an image of perfect, doll-like female sexuality. Who he was? I love being a girl and i am Jane. Tomas is my master and boyfriend. I need to return to him despite what he did to me.Carla smiled.

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