Forced Feminization Of Jeremy !!

Sure, I did this to him, but it’s hard not to feel a little sympathy for the bastard. After all, having empathy for another human being is what makes me different from him.Jeremy had a lot going for him before we met. He was young,rich, and he had one of those pretty faces that drives the girls crazy. My sister included.Unfortunately, he was also an asshole and a bully and a piece of shit. He thinks it’s fun to have sex with a girl as long as she’s not awake enough to say, “No.” But it wasn’t about sex, really. It was about power.As a nurse practitioner, I have access to lots of drugs. I found Jeremy, sedated him, and brought him to a secure location in a rundown part of the city. He’s never seen my face and I’ve never spoken a word to him, even as he screamed for me to explain what I wanted as I taped up pictures of all the girls he’s used and broken their hearts. Over the last 18 months, I’ve been giving him estrogen and testosterone blockers. That was after I did an orchiectomy.It’s easier than you think. Man, did he scream. Even in this part of town I was afraid someone might call the cops.His body has changed so much. His pretty looks are still there, but there’s not much man left to him. That’s why the time’s finally come. He knows it, too. He looks exhausted most of the time, like he just wants to get it over with.Yeah, dammit, I do feel a little sorry for him. But that doesn’t mean I won’t enjoy doing the same thing to him that he did to my sister. I have a plastic surgeon friend on standby. I’m going to take Jeremy to see him. We’ll put him into medically induced coma for a few months. And when he wakes up, it’ll be me making out with him.Maybe then I’ll let her go.

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