Forced Feminization of Blake (Part 2)

Blake blinked at her dumbfounded.”You’re delusional.”Dr. Sabrina shook her head at him, as though Blake was a disappointing pupil.He was an office clerk with no ambition. His social life revolved around video games and takeout food. His romantic prospects were dim, to say the least. I didn’t kill Blake White. In all the ways that mattered, Blake White was already dead.” “Blake White is dead, and he’s better off dead.That’s not true- “I rescued you from a life of mediocrity, Brianna. I transformed you from a pathetic mockery of manhood into a woman of captivating beauty. A woman who by virtue of her appearance couldn’t help but live a charmed and extraordinary life.” “I am not a woman.”

Dr. Sabrina sighed heavily body, but Blake’s mediocre mind. Don’t you see? I want to let you go,I want to see you flourish. But it would be irresponsible right now-like freeing a caged bird who never learned to fly. You must learn to be more than the a man you were, Brianna. Instead, you must become the woman you can be.When that happens, I promise I will set you free.” Hope surged in Blake’s chest for the first time in years. “H-How can I prove it?” Dr. Sabrina said First? Stop looking for someone to rescue you, “Because it already happened.” Dr. Sabrina left Blake alone in the attic bedroom. He turned back to the window and watched the setting sun anxiously. He had a question to answer: Would he rather be an imprisoned man, or a free woman.

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