Forced Feminization of Blake (Part 1)

Blake turned from the window and stared daggers at Dr. Sabrina Young, the insane surgeon who’d kept him prisoner for over two years. “What are you talking about.You’re the only one who’s torturing me.” Blake shifted, resisting the urge to cover himself. He’d gotten used to the pendulous sway of his breasts, but he’d never grow accustomed to the void the bitch had carved out between his legs. The worst part was that he could still feel his penis sometimes, like a phantom limb. “You’re insane. People like you always get caught.I just hope I’m around to see it.” Dr. Sabrina said, edging closer to her patient. He inched against the wall, like a heightened rabbit with nowhere to run. She stopped and smiled sadly. Blake said nothing. When Dr. Sabrina first brought him to her log cabin home in northern Maine, he figured he could escape easily. After all, he was stronger than she was. The hormones eventually robbed him of that strength but, even so, Blake managed to escape twice.Unfortunately, the backwoods of Maine turned out to be their own kind of prison. He became hopelessly lost and nearly starved. Dr. Sabrina found him and nursed him back to health both times-but he paid a terrible price.The first time, he woke up with a feminized face. When the bandages were removed, he looked in the mirror and was shattered to find himself peering into the eyes of the lovely sister he’d never had.The second time, Blake woke up a woman. He vividly recalled reaching down to his mutilated sex, then screaming in horror and grief until his voice gave out.So, yes, he was truly terrified of this monster.

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