“No, I’m just waiting for my friend. She’s with her boyfriend” Is what Patrick said to the frat boy clearly hitting on him. “This isn’t even how I normally….I mean…I’m just waiting.“ Patrick’s BFF Sarah had talked him into letting her make a girl out him for the night, so she had a friend to go to the frat house with. He said “no,” but Sarah knew better than to believe his initial reaction. She knew Patrick loved pantyhose. And luckily, she had a very special pair! The moment she coaxed him into them, sliding his toes into them…then up his calves…all the way up…Patrick changed. He shrunk. He grew in other areas. He softened. He became, as Sarah called it, Patricia. He felt so wrong…but….in a way so right!

However, he spent the whole night sitting on the couch. Not drinking. Not socializing. Legs crossed, trying to ignore the new sensations he/she was feeling. Patricia felt scared. Patrick felt awkward. But the more these boys talked to him, the more Patricia realized they weren’t so bad. Her nylons were making her horny….but…no…she had to fight it….she wasn’t thinking clearly. And Sarah said she’d be back soon. But what would it hurt…Patricia was new to the world…maybe she should experiment a bit? Patrick Crossed his legs again. Patricia un-crossed them and took the outward offered hand, of the boy. It’s not every night I’m a girl, he thought. And that’s the last anyone including himself heard of Patrick.

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