It seemed like such a stupid idea, at first, but I have to admit that I have been having a real blast. The guys are so fun, and I love dancing with them. I never thought that I could do some of the moves that I have been practicing, but I am actually doing it! I did the splits just now, and never thought that I could ever be that flexible! It’s kinda an amazing feeling to be so in complete control of your body. Now I actually can’t wait ’til the premiere. Last I was told we had actually sold out! Not a single ticket is available! So, tough luck to all of you who wanted to go but haven’t bought one yet. It’s really going to be an awesome show, and for those of you who doubted we couldn’t do it, well, you can suck on it! We’re gonna rock that stage, and I never thought getting applauded for dancing could be that addicting! It sounds so silly saying this, but I think I might have been born for this. Showbiz is clearly in my future. Yeah, it was embarrassing, at first, to be the only member of the cast having to perform in drag. We’re all guys working on the show, but the musical we’re going to do has a part in it that is supposed to be played by a girl. Apparently it is hard to find musicals with only male roles,but this one got close enough. One of us had to be the girl, and they picked me because I was apparently the ‘girliest amongst us. Bah, as embarrassing as it is, at least it’s a big role and I get to sing all the best songs.

Though, the guys can get a little too eager during the performances. They like touching me perhaps a little too much. It almost borders on groping, at times. I understand that it is all part of the show, and I shouldn’t be so over dramatic, but having all these half-naked dudes manhandling me all day is getting on my nerves. I mean, I may be playing the role of a boy-crazy girly-girl, but that doesn’t mean that I
am,y’know, gay or anything. Yeah, some people are surprised to hear that because, actually, most of the cast is gay. That is our gimmick, I guess. We’re a gay theatre company. That’s the reason why there are no girls in the cast. We’re all-male. We’ve got our theatre in the gay part of town, we’ve got our LGBT-badges on, and big rainbow flags are hanging outside the entrance. But I am not gay. Nah, I just joined this group to support my friends, and because they told me I had a good singing voice. Am I going to stick with the company after this run of shows is over? Yeah, absolutely! They’ve already starting planning for other musicals we could do, some with more than just one part meant to be played by girls. That will be exciting! Sure, I will probably be asked to perform in drag again, but at least then I won’t be alone. And I am definitively certain that I’ll get the main role. Those other bitches better know that the applause is for me.

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