Martin sat on the bench he’d been instructed to sit on in exactly the pose he was told. He watched nervously the path leading into the park waiting to catch sight of his blackmailer. He absently took a bit of his new long hair to twirl between his fingers as he kept watch. Strange as it seems he’s aroused for some reason. He knows how he must look to any man within view of where he sits. If he saw some woman dressed like this and sitting this way, he knows what he’d think. It’s been eight months since he was first contacted and all along, he knew this would be the outcome. He’d been forced to practice regularly with makeup and all the other things that a woman must know.

The D cup breast forms were perfectly positioned, and the makeup applied to the edges, in the mirror they looked so real he wondered how real his breast would feel. He finds himself trying to stir in the tight gaff as he wonders what his tormentor will make him do. Is that him? if it is, he must be over 6’3″ and it looks as if he’s built too. Martina felt her heart rate speed up as the handsome man got closer. She tiptoes in her heels to kiss his cheek as instructed. By now Martina was hoping he’d take her somewhere to have his way with her in spite of trying “not to think about it. Don would do just that later.


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